About Grafted Management

Founded by Chris Maconi, Grafted Management is a customer engagement and product strategy agency, serving customers in Seattle, and around the Pacific Northwest. We help companies increase revenue and decrease churn by putting the customer at the center of all they do. From how they build, deliver, and support their products, to how they take those products to market, we help businesses create unified brand experiences that engage customers where they are at, across physical and digital mediums.


We believe we are entering a new business phase where products are becoming increasingly commoditized. The barriers to entry in many product markets have been lowered to mind-blowing levels, and with so many quality choices available, the customer is emerging as king. Companies will need to understand how their customers experience their businesses, from top to bottom, and they will need to embrace customer engagement strategies that put the focus on the customer, and their brand experience.


We help companies understand and respond to these emerging trends, and we help them overcome organizational / operational, brand, product, and technological challenges as they navigate this transition.