Grafted Management – Product Strategy, Execution, and Go-to-Market

Executive Leadership On-Demand

Experienced leadership is tough to find, but you aren’t alone. ¬†Quickly fill a gap in leadership, so that you can keep moving without missing a beat.

Marketing Execution and Brand Storytelling

Effective storytelling isn’t easy, but is essential for connecting with today’s consumer. ¬†Together we can help you craft your brand story, and help you carry that story out to the masses.

Operations & Process Improvement

Revolutionize how your teams and products are built, and your services are delivered, through “agile” practices and digital transformation.

Technology / Product Due Diligence

Dig deeper into a company’s software product, development team, design / development practices, architecture, security, and codebase.

Hello, we are Grafted Management.

Grafted Management is a customer engagement and product strategy agency, serving customers in the Pacific Northwest. We help companies increase revenue and decrease churn by putting the customer at the center of all they do. From how they build, deliver, and support their products, to how they take those products to market, we help businesses create unified brand experiences that engage customers where they are at, across physical and digital mediums.

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